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Free Plan

  • 1 GB Storage Space
  • Free Sub-domain
  • Anti-malware Scanner
  • Pre‑Installed SSL Certificate
  • Full Access to Wordpress
  • "Powered by" Branding
  • Multiple Locations
  • Basic Support

No matter how many Wordpress websites - we offer the easy way to manage all of them. You will enjoy faster development, less distractions with service management and stellar support.

Easy Management

Platform offers custom made Wordpress control panel with unique features: snapshots, migration to another geo-location, domain change and a lot more.

hostWP.net Control Panel

Advanced Access

Integrated support for FTP and MySQL management if you need to make something you can't do via Wordpress it-self. Access and error logs also provided.

hostWP.net Management

Multiple Locations

Multiple locations to host your Wordpress websites. Want to change location? No problem, within 2 clicks you are able to do that automatically. Current available locations:

  • Europe
  • USA

hostWP.net Multiple Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What locations do you offer?

At the moment we offer 2 locations: Europe and USA. On demand we can add whatever location is needed for customer.

Do you have an API?

No, API is planned feature however.

Do you offer dedicated IP?

We can offer dedicated servers. This includes dedicated IPs (up to 5). Please contact sales for details.