About Us.

A little bit about project, people and mission.

The Beginning

My name is Roman and I live in Lithuania. My IT carrier started early, before college, at local internet caffe. In that time I discovered web hosting world and server administration. Started as a small VPS hosting service provider. Unfortunately, due to lack of experience and luck, this gig quickly folded up. But I always loved linux and shell prompt, so decided to keep going in this direction.

Years passed, few jobs in web hosting industry matured my skills. It took me two years from first thought about hostwp.net concept, to the very first beta version of service. I offered it to my friends and colleagues when they developed websites in Wordpress. Their feedback helped me to shape hostwp.net as it is now.

The People

There is only few people behind the scene: me and my wife. I develop service and she provides customer support. My dailly routine consist of rigorous log inspection in servers and customer feedback reading. My wife read news about Wordpress and review support tickets.

The Mission

To save your time
To hold your calm
To make you smile